I Strive to be Open and Accepting of the Messages I Receive, and Help Others Hear from Their Loved Ones.

Hi, I'm Mariel,

I’ve been able to communicate with those who have crossed over for as long as I can remember. I spent most of my life trying to quiet the messages I received and ignoring the images that came to me. But, with time, I’ve come to accept my gifts and recognize them as part of my life’s purpose.

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I remember seeing spirits and hearing them talk to me. Looking back, I noticed that, without knowing it, I have always depended on my psychic abilities to make important life choices. See, I have always had a gut feeling and a “knowing” of when certain things are happening, the outcome of something, or people’s intentions. And instead of being afraid, I now feel guided.

In the past, I lived in fear, thinking that my professional career and my spiritual life would not be able to coexist. And oh, was I wrong. Today, I finally understand that I don’t have to give up a part of me to own my spirituality. Having over 15 years of experience in the Marketing and Communications field. I have managed to launch a spiritual business and thrive in my professional marketing and communications career.

Today, I am focused on sharing my gifts with others. Let’s create together a moment you will cherish.


The “M” Reading

A Mediumship and Psychic Reading

In this mediumship reading we connect to your loved ones who have departed. It is a unique experience where with your validations, we receive messages from your loved ones and ancestors. In this beautiful experience you will be reassured that they are safe and with you in spirit.

The Tribe Reading

Mediumship Group Readings

These can be done via zoom or in an intimate house setting. These are a great way to commemorate a special occasion. Since these are tailored to the amount of guests in a reading, you will need to contact us directly for a quote.


Mariel was on point on everything she told me during my session with my ancestors. She was generous with her time, never making me feel rushed. — Jersey
Mariel is a very gifted medium, her main strength lies in her incredible insights and messages from passed loved ones. — Eva
My session with Mariel was much more than I expected. She has AMAZINGLY POSITIVE energy and was spot on with my reading. — Carla

M is for Mariel. That's Me.